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When to call inspections

                                                            WHEN TO CALL IN YOUR INSPECTIONS


FOOTING: While installing stone bed and foundation drains.
FOUNDATION: After sill plate is set and prior to back filling.    

FOOTING: Prior to pouring concrete and with applicable reinforcement installed.
REINFORCEMENT NOTE: All reinforcement must be installed on chairs or approved equal and appropriately 
lapped and tied including corners.   

FOUNDATIONS: Prior to backfilling, after damp-proofing, foundation drains and insulation is installed.

UNDERGROUND PLUMBING: Prior to covering, drainage, and/or waterline with appropriate test.
PLUMBING ROUGH IN: All drain waste and vent lines complete with appropriate test.

ELECTRICAL ROUGH IN: Prior to insulation, all wiring and boxes shall be installed.  All grounds shall be made for this inspection.

MECHANICAL ROUGH IN: Prior to covering, gas piping test is required and all duct work joints must be taped.

FRAMING: Prior to insulation or covering, after all rough in inspections are passed.  Prior to roof or wall sheathing.  Note: This inspection may be done in phases.

INSULATION AND WALLBOARD: Insulation installed and all penetrations in top/bottom plates sealed.  Wallboard started before before any wall finishing.

ELECTRICAL FINAL: All equipment and fixtures set and functional.

MECHANICAL FINAL: All equipment and fixtures set and functional.

PLUMBING FINAL: All equipment and fixtures  set and functional.

FINAL BUILDING: All steps, railings, decks, and interior and exterior finishes complete prior to occupancy.

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